Attorney General Dave Yost Gives Legal Opinion on “Public Accommodations”

Attorney General Dave Yost Issues Pro-Women Legal Opinion

Ohio Value Voters was provided a copy of Attorney General Dave Yost’s recent legal opinion on “Public Accommodations” in Ohio. Public Accommodations in this opinion relate to women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms. Those that have oversight of “Public Accommodations” for these types of women’s facilities are not required to provide access to biological men based on Attorney General Yost’s opinion.

Attorney General Yost states, “Providing separate bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms for the separate sexes does not violate the right that R.C. 4112.02(G) confers. To the contrary, separating the sexes in these private areas helps ensure that no one is, on the basis of sex, denied the full enjoyment of public accommodations. This interest in maintaining privacy from people of the opposite sex applies without regard to their gender identities. That privacy interest is, if anything, heightened in modern times, as technological advances have made it easier for voyeurs, child pornographers, and others to inconspicuously invade the privacy of others. And these improper acts skew toward males…Men are also drastically more likely to commit child-pornography crimes.”

John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states, “Biological men do not belong in women’s bathrooms, changing rooms or locker rooms. The private space of women should not be compromised by males claiming a different gender identity. Ohio Value Voters commends Attorney General Dave Yost for this Pro-Women Legal Opinion.”  

Read the legal opinion of Attorney General Dave Yost:




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