Are We Really a Banana Republic?

Are We Really a Banana Republic?

By Bob Patterson, Guest Writer from Concord Township

June 21, 2023

Former President Trump was indicted by the Department of Justice for
violating the 1917 Espionage Act. What? Why?

The Espionage Act “broadly sought to crack down on wartime activities considered dangerous or disloyal, including attempts to acquire defense-related information with the intent to harm the United States with the intention of passing them to America’s enemies”. 

How can anyone in their right mind believe a former president of our country was going to do this?

If the government was worried about these presidential papers, they could
easily have used the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 to retrieve
them. If Trump would not cooperate, this would have been a civil
matter not a felony.

So, why is Trump being prosecuted as a SPY? Why is he getting this disrespect
when no other president was treated this way?

The answer is obvious. Trump is the leading Republican candidate for president
and is ahead by a wide margin. Biden wants to stop him using the Espionage Act
with the threat of imprisonment for life!

Attorney General Garland appointed a special counsel, Smith, to look into this
misconduct of records transfer. From the raid on Mara Lago to the indictment of
Trump, it was clear Smith (a Democrat) was out to get Trump. Smith had the
audacity to tell the American people there is “one set of laws in this country and
they apply to everyone”. Really? Former CIA Director, John Brennan admitted
lying to Congress (a felony), Clinton destroyed E-mails, met with the FBI in aclosed meeting (no record) for over 8 hours, lied about the Steele Dossier (a
felony), FBI Director Comey admitted giving secret information to the press (a
felony), Biden is accused by FBI and IRS whistle blowers of taking bribes and
laundering money (racketeering). Yet there is no investigation by the Department
of Justice on any of these violations!

Equal justice under the law is the cornerstone of our Republic.

Remember the Hunter Biden Lap top computer and how it could have influenced
the presidential election? Yet, the FBI, after over 3 years, hasn’t explained what
was on it? Is Biden above the law?

What about the whistle blowers on President Biden’s escapades? A Ukraine
source says they have tapes proving the bribes! What is being done to get these
tapes or does the FBI already have this information?

It all comes down to an intense effort to stop Trump and obviously protect Biden.
These actions are very similar to those of a third world country or a Banana
Republic!!! Where those in power do ANYTHING to stay in power.

Despite the phony impeachment trials and hostile mainstream media accusations
Trump reduced corporate taxes (Biden wants to increase them) making America
competitive in the world market and bringing jobs back to America; Imposed
tariffs on countries that had unfair trade practices (especially China); Fired
incompetent employees in the VA and helped veterans get to a doctor in less than
a month rather than in some cases a year! Reduced the red-tape to build roads or
get a drilling permit. Made America independent with its energy requirements
and actually exported gas and oil (Biden wants to buy oil from Venezuela and
depleted our oil reserve below 25%). Under Trump our Military wiped out major
terrorist threats and leaders, remember ISIS? Trump made a deal with the
Taliban to stop killing our soldiers (everyone criticized him for this but it workedright up to the time Biden changed it)! We certainly had a more secure border
with Trump.

I was not going to vote for Trump again because I thought he was narcissistic and
argumentative. But, with the two phony impeachments, constant negative
mainstream press attacks, and now this indictment, who can blame him?

Former President Trump now has my full support! This woke Biden Banana
Republic MUST be stopped in its tracks, and Trump can do it!

Bob Patterson
Former Trustee Concord Township and Proud to be an American!



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