Joshua PAC Had An Impressive Event Featuring Leading Conservative Speakers

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We were very pleased to attend the Joshua Super PAC meeting held at the Croatian Hall in Eastlake, Ohio on July 24, 2023. There was a very impressive list of conservative speakers that gave sound, truthful reasons about voting YES on Issue 1 in the special election to be held on August 8th.

We congratulate Kathy and Scott Fishel for organizing the entire event. It was very special. We got to meet and hear for the first time State Representative Josh Williams and Ohio State Treasurer Robert Sprague.

Mr. Williams is a freshman State Representative with a tremendous career ahead of him. There is no doubt in my mind that State Treasurer Sprague should consider a run at the Governor’s seat in the next election. He is a very impressive, articulate, genuine, faith-based gentleman.

Commissioner John Plecnik had another stellar performance as his oratory skills have been honed as a law professor at Cleveland State University.

Senator Cirino shared his views on the protection of the unborn, and warned citizens about the Issue 1 deceptions played by the Democrats on the unsuspecting voters. Well done, Senator Cirino.




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