Open Letter to State Officials…Can they hear the average citizen?

A very concerned Lake County resident sent the following email to our State elected officials.

Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall


Dear, Governor DeWine, Attorney General Yost,  Secretary of State LaRose, Ohio Treasurer Sprague, Lieutenant Governor Husted,

In connecting with many around Ohio there is a sense of urgency in how we advance toward November elections and beyond.

Issue One seemed to be the warning flag for Ohio, a dismal outcome threatening decades of fighting for protection of life, even as such may relate to unwanted plans for 15-minute smart cities.

Nevertheless, Issue One left us with a roadmap for contacting key county seat city officials to address these urgent concerns:

Accordingly, we are reaching out to urge our elected officials to straightaway address these threats to Ohio.

We are aware that the mayors of our ‘Three C’ key cities of Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati have been meeting in DC to take the lead on promoting 15-minute cities, with Cleveland topping the list of contiguous cities:

Meanwhile, off the mainland it has become evident to the world that Maui was burnt to the ground to clear the way for such an agenda, even as Governor Josh Green for several years now has been a catalyst at the U.N., and here at home for smart cities under the banner of climate change.

This is not America, and certainly not Ohio–heart state of the nation.

Many are extremely alarmed at the unspeakable perpetrations against Hawaii, a tragic canary in the coal mine for the rest of us.

Similarly … where is Ohio in terms of taking charge of its OWN responses to the apparent next wave of pandemic mandates, along with the 15 other states that have already banned disproven, dangerous protocols?

Is Ohio joining Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana. New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia in BANNIING upcoming vaccine mandates???

Ohio is intended to be the state that ‘sets the precedent’ for WE THE PEOPLE. The saying “As Ohio goes so goes the Nation”

We are seeking targeted responses from our elected officials as follows:

1) We do NOT want abortion amendments added to our state constitution that repeal, void or in ANY way override years of Heartbeat Legislation for the sake of the unborn.

2) We do NOT want 15-minute smart ‘prisons cities’ overhauling/overtaking Ohio cities, beginning with Cleveland which is already slated for “build back better”.

3) We do NOT want new pandemic protocol mandates locking down and endangering our state.

4) We are asking our Governor and elected officials to focus on protecting Ohio from outside influences and getting back to putting Ohioans first.

Another concern is that as Vice President of The United States Conference of Mayors and Vice Chair for Smart Transportation within this conference, Mayor Ginther is steering our state toward federal agendas that do not belong in Ohio.

As the elected official of our state capital, Mayor Ginther needs to spend his time honoring and preserving The Vision of what makes ‘Ohio Ohio’, rather than imposing and implementing federal agendas that do not have the best interests of Ohio or Americans at heart.

We request rapid responses to these concerns.

Representing Concerned Citizens of Ohio,




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