Do Not Let the League of Women Voters Deceive You

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We thank our Concord Lobbyist for sending us the flyer issued by the League of Women Voters.


By Concord Lobbyist / October 1, 2023

Here are 9 LIES the whacked-out liberals are using to influence a Yes vote. I say whacked out liberals, not Democrats, because there are many Democrats that are not voting YES.  

But once again this is a very confusing vote because August 8 was a yes vote (different issue), but most people are not sure. Please help your sphere know the truth of Issue 1 for November 7 not to be confused with August 8.

These are bold face lies from the League of Women Voters.

I ask that you pass this on to your sphere……

Hosea 4:6 People perish for lack of knowledge.  

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Here is the truth about Issue 1…


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