Jeff Monreal is Concerned About Drug Use by Minors in Lake County

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

I heard Jeff Monreal express concerns to the Lake County Narcotics Board about the alarming rate of drug deaths involving young people in Lake County. Jeff is a very community minded patriot, and decided that something has to be done to make citizens aware of the tragedy of drug addiction.


The Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol in Lake County

By Jeff Monreal….Monreal Funeral Homes

I reached out to the Lake County Drug Task Force a few months ago and told them that more needs to be done to inform young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. I also said maybe it would help hearing from a funeral director that I don’t want to bury young people anymore. The fentanyl crisis is out of hand, and we need to take immediate action to this pandemic.

They agreed with all of what I said. I was then introduced to Kim Fraser, from the ADAMS Board of Lake County  (About Us – Lake County ADAMHS Board ( . They have many resources that most in Lake County don’t even know are available. I had a meeting with Kim and asked how we can do more to save lives. I told her that there isn’t enough done in our schools to inform young people and parents of the dangers of drug use and it starts before middle school age. 

The biggest hurdle is getting superintendents/principles/teachers on board. That is what I am going to be working on next and hopefully if successful, this could spread to every other county in the state and who knows from there. I’m trying to tackle this on a local/county level to start.

Below are testimonials that have been shared of real life people that have lived the struggle of addiction and have lost loved ones. Most of you know them. The Adams Board recorded and edited the videos.)

Heather M. testimonial:

Tommy M. testimonial:


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