Unlawful Excessive Property Tax Assessments in Missouri

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to a Geauga Lobbyist for sending this article to us. We suggest you follow the link to read the entire article. Homeowners should never be surprised about increases in their property taxes. That is why we are trying to get Ohio’s Tax Equalization Board to explain their calculations on HB 920 so that we can determine if the remaining six Lake County School Districts will reach the 20 mill limitation due to the upcoming 30% increase in home valuations.

It is no longer acceptable for the homeowners just to assume the property tax calculations of the State, or the local Auditor’s office, as being accurate. We are entitled to see their calculations!

Stay tuned, we will report our findings to our readers. Please be sure to read the first paragraph of the article, we find the same to be true in Ohio.


Missouri AG Andrew Bailey and State Auditor Take On Unlawful Excessive Property Tax Assessments Affecting Hundreds of Thousands – Blackrock Owned Firm Involved

By Jim Hoft Dec. 21, 2023 2:00 pm

Guest post by Joe Hoft at JoeHoft.com. Republished with permission

Two Missouri Elected Officials are Bringing Relief to Tens of Thousands of Jackson County Property Owners. These Two Formidable Officials are, Attorney General Andrew Bailey and State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick.

December 20, 2023 by Joe Hoft and Toni Viens, MAI

[Excerpts from the article]

In today’s world, there are few elected officials who truly care about the rule-of-law or the welfare of their constituents; however, in Missouri, two formidable elected officials are working to provide relief to tens of thousands Jackson County home owners.

For property Tax Year 2023, Kansas City and all of Jackson County, property owners were shocked with the dramatic increase in property tax assessmentsThe majority of the current assessments were in excess of 30% from the previous year, with many assessments increased by 100% or more. Along with the unrealistically high property assessments, the assessment notices were mailed late which resulted in reducing the allotted time a home owner could register an appeal. Additionally, the appeal process was convoluted and the assessor’s office was often unreachable.


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