Lake County Clerk of Courts Open New Records Center

The Lake County Clerk of Courts proudly announces the grand opening of the new Records Center, a significant milestone in the preservation and accessibility of historical and contemporary court records. The newly inaugurated Records Center, containing court records dating back to the 1800s, encompasses 14 different case types, including civil, criminal, domestic, foreclosures and other real estate matters, murder cases, and sealed records. This initiative marks a transformative step in consolidating records previously housed in four external locations in downtown Painesville. The centralization of these records into one location streamlines the retrieval process enhancing efficiency for the deputy clerks and accessibility for the people. The consolidation of court records into a single, comprehensive Records Center facility also provides a cost-savings benefit by eliminating the need to lease three separate spaces to house records and the Digitization Operation.

The Lake County Clerk of Courts’ Public Records Department spearheaded this project with commendable dedication and skill. Once planning was complete and the space was secured, it took only 90 days to consolidate and organize the records. The timely, successful completion of this very important project stands as a testament to their commitment to serving the community and preserving our history.

We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, court records are available online. Previously, the availability of these records online was hindered by the need for redaction of personal identifiers. When Clerk Andrews came into office, she immediately began the integration of redaction software into the Court Management System. The Public Records Department worked very hard to redact personal identifiers from 6 years of civil and criminal court records, which are now available online. This marks a significant achievement toward Equal Justice Under the Law and ACCESS to Justice for All!


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