Laketran Local Union…no thought about the taxpayers

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We previously wrote an article about the massive amounts of cash accumulated by Laketran.

“I attended the Laketran Board Meeting yesterday and was stunned by their financial strength. No wonder the unions were looking for pay increases, and received increases of 7%, 3%, 3% for the next three years. Also, I want the citizens to know that Laketran collects $22.5 million each year in sales tax, and has a stated goal of changing your way of life.”

Here is a Facebook post by Laketran Local Union’s steward, Denise Alexandria. We could not help but notice her comments:

“…our board recently voted to rescind OUR levy money.”

“OUR bread box starts at the ballot box, guys”

What does Morris Beverage think of the reduction in sales tax by the Laketran Board? His self-promoting flyers states “No New Taxes Ever”.

“He said that he thinks public transportation is extremely important and would support us if elected.”…Denise Alexandria, Laketran Local Union

LFC had pleaded with the Laketran to rescind the 1/4% sales tax that was passed in 2019 because they changed the deal on the taxpayers. The Dial-A-Ride services where not what was advertised to the voters before the levy was passed.

Also, Laketran had accumulated $54 million in reserves, and we stated that they could not continue to “suck the lifeblood” out of the community. Their financial statements showed us that they collected $10 million yearly more in revenue than they needed to operate.

Commissioner John Hamercheck was instrumental in mustering the votes on the Laketran Board to stop collecting the 1/4% sales tax.

We have been told that the reduction will take place on July 1st. They have not rescinded that sales tax. They have only stopped collecting it. The sales tax can only be rescinded by a vote of the taxpayers. The Board or a citizens’ initiative to put the issue on the ballot is needed.

We would like to remind Ms. Alexandria that the sales tax levy is not YOUR money. It belongs to the taxpayers in Lake County, and they expect our taxing authorities to be good stewards of the money. Please remember to think of the “Bread Box” of the thousands of seniors that are being priced out of their homes because of ever growing tax authorities in Lake County. They are out of control!


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