2024 MAGA or Marx?

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” – Charles E. Weller

This time the quote is much more than a typing lesson….

Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

2024 MAGA or Marx?

By William Andrew

This is what it boils down to in America this year.

We must decide, I must decide, and you must decide.

MAGA or Marx?

One is imperfect, the other fatal.

Free or slave…brave or afraid?

The Elijah question before us:
How long will we limp between two different opinions, two ways
to govern, two ways to live?

Do we follow God hard or hardly?

Are we, as Christ redeemed people, salt and light of the world?

Do we illuminate life with warmth and color and variety?

Do we recognize the cold storm that is upon us and is further moving in to
permanently harm us more than it has already?

Without God, America may not recover. And what does America
deserve? Thankfully, God is merciful. God is watching. God hates
evil more than we do. His will be done while we do what we can.

We each have a role.

We the People are and must be again the pit crew to keep freedom and justice running and moving forward for ourselves and posterity.

You are vital. Your skill is needed.

If that is what a MAGA Extremist is, that’s okay, isn’t it?

Our founders were extremists against the occupation of another
heavy- handed totalitarian- minded globalist named King George.

Pray and take time to read Our Declaration of Independence.

Then, Fuel the Machine and you’ll help Make America Godly

Sound the alarm. Spread the word. Be salt and light.,




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