Lake County Corrections Board Meeting Held May 1, 2024…updated May 2, 2024

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We attended the Lake County Corrections Board meeting today. Hopefully, the taxpayers can get a better understanding of what the new jail will look like, and where it is to be located. Here is the agenda that was handed to all in attendance.

The following is the 2023 Corrections Division Annual Report that provides a history of the jail, statistics on the misdemeanors versus felonies, statistics on inmates and services provided in the jail facility.

Here is the complete one hour long video of the meeting. At the 17:30 mark the Lake County Administrator, Jason Boyd, gives a great presentation on the progress on the planning for the new Public Safety Center.

Mr. Boyd sent us the following slides with pictures of the proposed new Public Safety Center.

Now the question becomes how is the County going to pay for what will be the most expensive project in the history of Lake County? Commissioner John Plecnik, and his endorsed, favored candidate for Commissioner, Morris Beverage III, both have stated that we can pay for the jail without raising any taxes. Commissioners Regovich and Hamercheck both backed off raising the sales tax to pay for the jail.

As you can imagine, we will be watching this unfold in the coming months with great interest, and will update our readers.

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