Where the Hell Have J.D. Vance, Mike Lee, Jim Jordan, and Other Republicans Been Since November 2020?

Matt Mayer / June 2, 2024
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We must jump over the guardrail, mercilessly beat them into submission, and drag their degenerate asses back over the guardrail. Only then will America be saved.

With Donald Trump’s faux conviction in New York City by a biased judge, jury, prosecutor, and system, Republicans of note now have their hair on fire. They warn of the end of our Democracy and propose responses ranging from too little too late clickbait to procedural impediments to Joe Biden’s agenda. My response to them is two-fold: (1) glad you have decided to join the fight that has been raging since November 2020 (actually it goes back to 2016, but I digress), and (2) what the hell took you so long? Not to compare what is happening in America under the Left’s and their legion of sycophant’s control to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, but theologian Martin Niemoeller’s famous statement does come to mind when reflecting on the last seven years:

First they came for the Communists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me

In our case, first the Left came for Trump from 2016 to 2021, then they came for the free speech of anyone on the Right who spoke the truth. After quashing free speech, they came for the nonviolent and nondestructive 1/6ers who dared challenge the fairness of the 2020 election, followed by Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon. They then came for Trump again with lawfare aimed at destroying him and the America First movement he spawned. Should they succeed in November, they most certainly will come for the rest of We the Deplorables. 

And to be clear, I don’t believe they will try to round up and imprison all of us; rather, they will go after and silence the leaders by any means necessary then they will implement their radical left-wing agenda that will destroy America as it was and in pockets of common sense still is today. We the Deplorables will be allowed to live in a fiction-becomes-reality country painted so vividly by Aldous Huxley in “Brave New World” and Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged.” They will confiscate our guns, limit our speech, rig our elections, and run rough shod over the sovereignty of states. We will be told what cars we can drive and how much of our money we are allowed to keep by fascist leaders who truly think they know what is best for the masses. Justice will continue to be doled out based on ideology.

Anyone with half a brain has seen this coming, yet Vance, Lee, and the other Republican leaders did literally nothing but blow hot air to stop the assaults. As far as I know, not one lent a hand or a dime to the legal defenses of the 1/6ers. Nor did Trump or his family. Yet, now…now that Trump has been convicted, it is time to fight back, ditch the rules, and man the walls. It is, but some of us have been waging that fight for years, as the political class on the Right continued to hangout in D.C., go on the Left’s television shows, and kept their Victorian Era sensibilities in which hand-to-hand combat was beneath them.

In his Friday piece, “After Trump’s Conviction, Republicans Should Do To Democrats What They Did to Him,” John Daniel Davidson in The Federalist wrote:

That’s the world Democrats have called into being with this show trial. They are the ones who have cried “no quarter” in this fight. The least Republicans can do at this point is accept their terms and enter the fight on equal footing.

Why is that so important? For two reasons. The first, mentioned above, is that Democrats will never stop unless they are made to suffer exactly what they would inflict on Republicans. If we’re going to start jailing political opponents in America, then it has to go both ways. The other reason is now that Democrats have done this, have made a mockery of our justice system, the only way to restore faith in the rule of law is to make those responsible pay for what they’ve done and bring them to justice. If Democrats get away with this, Americans will be justified in thinking the entire system is illegitimate.

So Republican officials have a choice to make. They can do what’s necessary to stop Democrats and restore faith in our justice system, or they can become Democrat slaves and let the republic burn.

He is spot on, of course. He echoes what I have been screaming from the mountaintops for four years.

On November 20, 2020, I wrote in The Spectator in “Revenge of the Republicans,”:

So, you see, according to Democrats, if not for the Supreme Court in 2000, fixed voting machines in 2004, and Russian interference in 2016, no Republican would have won the presidency since 1988. One legacy of Trump is he taught Republicans how to fight back. Thus, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Biden will now serve under a cloud of suspicion and feel the heat as investigators dig into every nook and cranny of his family’s life. If Republicans pick up the handful of seats they now need to take back the US House in 2022, Biden and the Democrats will rue the day they made Schiff their attack dog.

Turnabout is fair play, especially in politics.

One month later on December 20, 2020, I wrote in The Spectator in “The Democrats Don’t Care What You Think About Their Scandals”:

On July 29, 2021, I wrote in The Federalist in “Report Revels Shocking Double Standards for Bringing U.S. Rioters to Justice”:

Although they see themselves as the modern-day version of King Leonidas and his fellow Spartans at Thermopylae protecting Greece from the Persian barbarians, it is the left, the media, and Republicans like Cheney who are pushing for two standards of justice to apply to the same type of conduct (or worse), which is reminiscent of a banana republic. As evidenced by a recent survey showing that two-thirds of Americans want the 2020 riots investigated as much as the January 6 riot, a strong majority of Americans know what fairness looks like and firmly believe justice must remain blind. 

A core foundation of our country rests on the people believing there is equality under the law. The dissimilar treatment of 2020 rioters and January 6 rioters is fracturing that foundation more with each passing day. As Abraham Lincoln wisely noted, a divided house cannot stand.

On December 13, 2022, I wrote in “It Has Become About Far more than Mere Insults,”:

Look, we conservatives can handle the insults and slights that come with being a conservative. We must, however, draw the line at the pernicious silencing, suppression, and disinformation by the Left and its hack allies that is rampant in America today, as well as the weaponization of the justice system against conservatives. America rests on the knife’s edge of rule by a Wilsonian elite who look down upon at least half the country or rule by “we the people” as intended by our Founding Fathers. We the people can’t rule when government controls who gets heard and what gets publicized.

There simply is no bigger fight for the Right today than the fight to save the First Amendment and America from the totalitarian Left.

On March 31, 2023, I posted a video after Trump’s indictment was issued in “We Are In a Civic War for the Soul of America. We Must Fight Back” in which I made the case for taking aggressive action. Please take two minutes to watch the video where I explain what should have happened over the last year, which did not.

On October 16, 2023, I wrote in “Enough With the Political Theater More Focused on Driving Fundraising Clickbait Than Holding the Biden Administration Accountable,”:

What I wouldn’t give for a Speaker like Nancy “Inside Trader” Pelosi, zero sum game Chairmen like Adam “Eyeballs” Schiff and Jerry “Roly Poly” Nadler, and shameless mouthpieces like Eric “Feng Feng” Swalwell and Dan “Trust Fund” Goldman. If we had bare-fisted fighters like them, here is what would have already happened: 

  • Garland and Mayorkas (and possibly other cabinet officials) already would have been impeached for their acts and omissions or at least driven from office; 
  • Every Biden family member who received foreign funds would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and hauled in front of several committees to explain in detail what they did to earn those funds; 
  • Every one of the 51 “intelligence” personnel who signed the fraudulent letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify multiple times and the procedure to remove their security clearances would have been initiated (please don’t ask me why Donald Trump didn’t do anything to revoke their clearances);
  • Ex-staffers like Jen Psaki and Ronald Klain would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify countless times as part of a “make them pay legal fees until it hurts” plan; 
  • Every prosecutor and judge involved in the 1/6 and Antifa riot cases would have been subpoenaed and deposed to answer detailed questions about their acts and omissions related to both types of cases, including charging and sentencing details; 
  • Any person mentioned in the Durham report who played so much as a scintilla of a part in the Russia, Alfa, and Laptop hoaxes would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify multiple times, especially Jim Comey, Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Christopher Steele, Charles Dolan, Rodney Joffe, James Baker, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, Sally Yates, and Michael Sussman; 
  • Every individual working for Twitter/X, Meta/Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and other social media companies involved in any way with content screening, suppression, or monitoring, including all officers and directors of those companies would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify on their efforts to suppress information from/beneficial to the Right or harmful to the Left and vice-versa; 
  • Any person in the private, non-profit, or government sector who played any role involving the use of “Zuck Bucks” would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify;
  • Any person involved in any way with the movement, storage, and review of Biden’s documents from his time in the U.S. Senate and Vice Presidency, including all University of Pennsylvania and University of Delaware personnel, as well as UPenn personnel involved in any aspect, including fundraising, of the Biden Penn Center, would have been subpoenaed, deposed, and forced to testify; and
  • Impeachment articles against Joe Biden would have been filed. 

You can disagree with whether these things should be done or not from a strategic standpoint, but Pelosi et al. would have done them and cared not one iota about whether it was right or wrong. She just wants to win and make the other side suffer as much as possible. We need fighters like her.

And it wouldn’t have been just Congress. Any of the above actions also would have been pursued by George Soros-funded Democrat District Attorneys, Attorneys General, city prosecutors, and U.S. Attorneys in any jurisdiction where any element so much as touched their jurisdictions, no matter how lightly. Where are the cases in Republican states and cities against individuals involved in any of these items? Can only Democrats use geocaching technology to identify rioters and vandals? Why has not one case been brought by Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares in Virginia against the protestors harassing Supreme Court Justices in Virginia? Given how many of the people involved in the above events live in Virginia, is there really no state law that was violated? Is there not a fraud statute in Georgia Republican Attorney General Christopher Carr could have used against the players in the Alfa Bank hoax that involved Georgia Tech personnel?

Please understand, I’m a rules follower kind-of-guy and would love nothing more than for both sides to follow the rules. The problem, of course, is that the Left not only doesn’t follow the rules, but they also make up whatever rules they need for the moment to get the outcomes they want (then break those new rules when convenient). In order to get back to a rules-based system, however, we need to destroy the Left by ditching the rules, too. Once they experience the pain they’ve doled out to our side, maybe we can attain a “peace through strength” truce in which both sides return to the old ways. Unless we do that, we will continue to lose or, when we win, our side will be harassed relentlessly to impede us from executing on our agenda.

I made similar pleas for action on my weekly radio appearances on The Brandon Boxer Show and The Bruce Hooley Show.

In November, I penned a thought piece aimed at seeing how all of this polarization and assault on America will end. In “How Long Can America Defy History By Remaining, Well, THE United States,” I wrote:

Our Founding Fathers gave us a country, but that inheritance didn’t come with a lifetime guarantee. It seems implausible America would break-up at some point, but the Romans and British thought the collapse of their empires also was implausible. History doesn’t give a wit about what we think. It just grinds ever forward leaving empires, kingdoms, and countries on its dustbin. Will America as we know it end up on that dustbin, too? A house divided cannot stand forever.

I’m frustrated as hell that it took Trump’s conviction to finally get Victorian Era Republicans to realize we are in an existential fight with the Left, but better late than never. We simply cannot save our divided country by standing within the guardrails on television pointing at what the Left is doing far beyond the guardrails. We must jump over the guardrail, mercilessly beat them into submission, and drag their degenerate asses back over the guardrail. Only then will America be saved.

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