Is Donating to the Republican Party a Good Idea?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Lobbyists for Citizens provides a platform for average citizens that believe they no longer have a voice in our government.

We keep hearing that we need to continue to elect Republicans. We ask this question: If EVERY office in the State of Ohio was held by a Republican, would anything change in Ohio? What does your answer indicate to you?

We will be publishing an article soon with questions on vetting candidates.

Here is an another article submitted by a Lake County resident.

Written by a Lake County resident:


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. We send the same people to government offices over and over. They term out here and then run there. These perennial politicians make a great living for themselves, retire out on the backs of the people, and never really do anything meaningful for the people. In fact, they have done nothing to keep the Republic.

Ron Young had an illustrious political career over most of his adult life. He spent time at both legislative houses in the State of Ohio, and then he finished off his career as a Lake County Commissioner. Commissioner Young did finally tell us the truth at the END of his career, i.e. that the role of government is to protect itself and to grow. As a side note, this also applies to the institutionalized government employees who witness elected officials and judges not following the law, but they say nothing to authorities so they can keep their jobs. 

We were made aware that the Lake County GOP is begging for money with hat in hand. Ladies and gentlemen, the Lake County GOP is a complete trainwreck. At the worst, the “leaders” of the party are Democrats posing as Republicans. At best, they are very, very weak Republicans who are in the Central Committee because it looks good on a resume or because of some need to belong to something or because of a potential “cha ching” arrangement for their business once the person they back wins office….the old quid pro quo. This disgusting letter says that they need money so that Dave Joyce can help lead the way to restoration of the Republic. Just Dave? Really?

Folks we’ve got to wake up to the reality that BOTH parties are in it together. It is the Uniparty now at ALL levels of government. It’s us against them…the People versus the Government at all levels. This is a game to many, and we the people are used as fodder for vendettas. The real upsetting part is that they force us to pay for it all…the waste due to incompetence or over-the-top spending because they aren’t paying for it so they do not care about the pricetag. This is why we have lost the Republic. Government, at all levels, is being run by insane children trapped in adult bodies who care not for the people they serve.

If you are waiting for the Central Committee of either party to tell you the truth about anything, you’ll be waiting in perpetuity. Do your own research on the candidates. If you feel that you are being forced to vote between the lesser of two evils…you probably are. Then pass on that race and your conscience is clear. But whatever you do, please support the CANDIDATE…not the party. 

If you are looking for an alternative, and you’d like to help get/keep RIGHTEOUS leaders in place, you could donate to the Joshua Super PAC (The Joshua Super PAC | Investing in Strong Conservative Leaders). The Joshua Super PAC is a Christian-based political PAC that financially supports righteous and patriotic leaders…because with God, ALL things are possible! We can restore the Republic, but it does take an educated electorate. 


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