Communist Goals to Destroy America

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I recently told a friend that the reason our country no longer functions as it once did is because of the communist infiltration into every segment of our society for decades.   He politely told me “no way”.

I said that we had turned away from God, and when we destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse on itself.  I present to you two exhibits that you may wish to read.  They are two pages read into the Congressional record in 1963, by Albert Herlong, Jr, a Florida Congressman from 1949 – 1969.

Page 1 1958 Communist Goals

Page 2 1958 Communist Goals

Please be sure to take note of item numbers 40, 25, 26, 27 –my how effective they have been

Item #13 – Do away with all loyalty oaths – taking a knee during the national anthem is a sign that they are making headway…

Item #27 – infiltration of the churches – perhaps I should send a copy of this to the priest that said I was not a good Christian.

We are very much at war for the sovereignty of our great nation.

As I continue to say : Freedom is not free, silence is not an option…

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