Real Estate Taxes & Seniors on Fixed Income Gaining Some Attention

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The Lake County Gazette newspaper reporting thought our comments to the Lake County Commissioners about seniors and real estate taxes was notable enough to publish on 10-20-17.

Here is a copy of the article.

Lake County Gazette 10.20.17

Please note that Commissioner Jerry Cirino chose to publicly mention a personal disagreement between himself and me – months after the incident happened…Here is the back story…….

We were trying to get support from the Lake County Commissioners to rescind a resolution introduced years ago by Commissioner Dan Troy, and former Commissioners Sines and Aulfudish that accepted a form of identification for illegal aliens known as the Matricular Card.  I had heard from reliable sources that Cirino was reluctant to support such an issue since “it will hurt his chances for re-election” in FOUR years.   Mr. Cirino was already having fund raisers to support his re-election, even after just being elected.

I decided to reach out to my patriotic friends with an email asking them to contact Cirino and tell him why the Matricular card was such a bad idea.  Unfortunately, one of the patriots had “a lapse in judgment”, and forwarded the email to Cirino.  In less than 30 minutes after I sent the email, Cirino calls me and vociferously demands that I retract the statement. I told Cirino that I stand by the statement, and that I would never reveal my sources of the information.

I have since forgiven my patriotic friend for his lapse in judgment, since my faith commands me to “forgive those that trespass against me”.  I would like to remind Commissioner Cirino of Exodus 20:16  “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.  There are consequences for our actions, in this life and the next…

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