Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Meeting at Lakeland Community College

There were four patriots at the meeting today at Lakeland Community College.  There were approximately 50 liberals – many being brainwashed students.  We saw a short video on how a person originally qualified to be considered for the DACA program and what they have to do annually to remain qualified.   The details are not that important to the overall story.

After listening to a young lady and a young man tell their life stories, and how they are victims in our society, I was concerned that I did not hear a thank-you from either of them for the free education that was afforded both of them at the expense of the Lake County taxpayers.

I told them that it cost ~$10,000 per year per student to provide a quality education.  That is $120,000 each to graduate with a high school diploma. They also get charged the lower Lake County rate per credit hour at Lakeland, while full U.S. Citizens living outside Lake County have to pay the higher out-of-county rate per credit hour.

I asked them to thank the ~229,000 Lake County residents that pay real estate taxes so they can go to school.

I asked them to thank the ~52,000 Lake County seniors that are being priced out of their homes by ever increasing real estate taxes so they could go to school.  I told them that 77.5% of our seniors are living on their social security retirement averaging $18,488 per year.

I asked them to thank the 13.7% of Lake County residents living at or below the poverty line.

Finally, I asked them to thank each and every veteran in Lake County that sacrificed so they could enjoy the freedoms afforded all citizens in this great country.

Needless to say, most of the audience was probably looking for their safe spaces after the meeting…..If they are to be offended, let them be offended by the truth.

I was approached after the meeting by a young man no more than 20 years of age.  Surprise, he had the courage to tell me that what I said about the real estate taxes and the DACA kids is valid……That one little encounter lets me have hope about his generation.  All is not lost, but it is sure looking bleak.






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