Update on DACA meeting

Here is a link to the News-Herald’s article written by Jonathon Tressler on the DACA meeting held at Lakeland Community College on October 30th. You may have to copy and paste to your browser.


Mr. Tressler left out the audience’s comments at the end of the discussion.  After the meeting Mr. Tressler said that he had all my comments recorded and wanted my name.  I told him that I did not have to give him my name.

For some reason, he chose not to print my comments, nor did he print the fact that it was determined that the DACA students living in Lake County pay the lower in-county rate for each credit hour than citizens living outside of Lake County.

(Strictly my opinion – Mr. Tressler was following the News-Herald agenda to promote open borders and illegal immigration to the detriment of Lake County residents.  Perhaps he wanted to promote the idea that everyone supports illegal immigration, and no negatives comments are permitted.)

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