Tax Collection Comparison….Wait till you see these numbers..

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We compared the real estate taxes collected for the Lake County Taxing Districts 8, 9, & 10 for TY 2005 / CY 2006 to TY 2016 / CY 2017.  All numbers were provided by the Lake County’s Auditior’s office.

Comparison of taxes collected TY 2005 vs TY 2016

There has been an overall increase of $12,433,055 (42.13%) in eleven years!!!!

The only decrease has been in the County General Fund. However, we believe that is due to the Commissioners dropping the inside millage rate since they supported a sales tax that was approved by the voters. (We will verify that next week with the Commissioners)

Seeing these numbers makes us want to pursue more information.  We are going to ask for ALL real estate taxes collected in ALL of the taxing districts for the same time period. No doubt when we see the total amount collected it will be a very large number…..


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