What is the role of a Constitutional Sheriff?

Several years ago as I started my journey to determine what is happening to our country, I heard Ms. KrisAnne Hall speak in Wickliffe on the U.S. Constitution.  She is an extremely knowledgeable, and engaging speaker, and I recommend that if you have a chance to hear her speak that you should not miss that opportunity.  I credit her for showing me that I had a lot to learn…….

She now has a radio program and has many videos on YouTube.  One subject that has intrigued me is the role of the Sheriff.  Since we have a Sheriff in Lake County, Daniel Dunlap, and we are asked to vote on who should be our Sheriff, I thought it was important that people understand the underlying role of the Sheriff in our system of government.  Here are the salient points of the role and duty of the County Sheriff as outlined by Ms. Hall:

  1. He or she is the elected representative of the people, and the chief defender of the rights and liberty of the people.
  2. He or she is not the hireling of the government; takes an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and to guard the sovereignty of the State of Ohio.
  3. He or she is to ensure that the federal government is not transgressing its limited boundaries listed in the U.S. Constitution.
  4. He or she has the duty to and prevent the Federal Government from exercising an unconstitutional power over the people in his jurisdiction.

Here is a link to Ms. Hall’s video on the role of the Constitutional Sheriff:

So rather than voting for a Sheriff based on party lines, we should be asking all candidates how they view the duty and role of the Sheriff.  If he or she says, that their duty is to follow all laws…..then that candidate may not be the right person for the job.

Freedom is not free…..silence is not an option….it is our duty to be informed on how our government is supposed to work.  Be vigilant, and shine light on the darkness.

Thank you to KrisAnne Hall for her dedication and sharing with everyone her vast knowledge on the U.S. Constitution.



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