ADAMHS Board financial information

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On September 19, 2017 the ADAMHS Board sent a letter to the commissioners requesting .7 mill renewal levy on the May 2018 ballot.  Here is a copy of the letter:
ADAMHS letter requesting renewal levy 9-19-17

Upon receiving a copy of the letter, we sent a letter to the Executive Director asking for the IRS form 990’s, and here is the response we received:
Response from ADAMHS Board 10-2-17

Undaunted, we continued on our quest for the financial information.

With the help of the Lake County Commissioners’ legal department and the Lake County Prosecutor’s office we were able to receive the following information from the Executive Director of the ADAMHS Board;

ADAMHS Board Summary of Finances 2013 – 2017

Summary of Non-Medicaid Contracts 2013 – 2017

We were incorrect in thinking that a duty of the ADAMHS Board is to ensure that the Contract Service Providers are being good stewards of the taxpayers’ funds. (That is disturbing to us, but we will return to this issue at a later date)  The information provided falls far short of what we need.  At the suggestion of the ADAMHS Board, we will request 5 year’s worth of financial information from each Contract Service Provider receiving taxpayers’ funds. Here is a sample of the letter that we will be sending out this week.
Letter to Contract Service Providers 11-5-17 re

Please stay tuned, we will post the results just as soon as we get them….
We want honesty and transparency from all agencies receiving taxpayer funds.


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