ADAMHS Board Finances

The ADAMHS Board has requested a renewal levy be placed on the ballot in May 2018. We have requested financial information from them to ensure that they are good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

We have started the analysis of the financial information. Here are the first two schedules:

Analysis of Board Summary of Finances FY 2013-2017

Analysis of Board Summary of Finances FY 2013-2017 pt 2

At risk is their .7 mill levy that will expire in 2018, and brought in $4,077,183 in FY 2017 (ending June 2017)…..stay tuned as we continue to analyze their numbers….there is a lot more detail to come…..this is a big organization with total income in FY 2017 of $13,861,666….

As of right now, we are concerned that they are disbursing ~$11 million to 19 different agencies with seemingly no oversight on how the money is being spent.  We will give them the opportunity to prove us wrong.

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