Lake County’s 2018 Operating Budget

How much do you think the Lake County Commissioners’ office will spend to meet the County’s obligations?   You might be surprised…..

Lake County 2018 Budget page 1

Lake County 2018 Budget page 2

The grand total is $247,647,070.08…(yes, no worries the $.08 is accounted for…)

Some interesting statistics:

Hospitalization            $17,201.710
Insurance on persons $     250,000
Prescriptions                 $  3,800,000
Dental                             $     990,000
Total                                $22,241,710  9.0% of their total budget

We do not know the number of employees that account for the $22,241,710, but it is a question that will be asked of Mr. Michael T. Matas, Finance and Budget Director.

There are many questions we have on this budget, so we will request a meeting with Mr. Matas in January, 2018.

It would be interesting to know what the operating budget was 10 years ago.  Even with a declining population, I would wager that we are spending more today.  It begs the question – Why?

Stay tuned, there will be much more reporting on this subject.

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