Will Catholic Charities correct an injustice?

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We have previously written about a request the Land Bank has received from St. Mary Magdalene Church in Willowick.  The Church requested that the Land Bank demolish a convent and rectory in exchange for the free and clear title to the property on which the buildings reside.  The Land Bank has agreed to spend $175,000 of taxpayers’ money to demolish the buildings.  We do not think it is appropriate that the Land Bank spend taxpayers’ money on behalf of any agency, business, or Church that has the financial means to complete the task.

Here are the pictures showing the condition of the buildings that are to be demolished.  The fact that the City of Willowick officials let the Church neglect their obligation to the residents of Willowick is quite disturbing.

St. Mary Magdalene pic 1
St Mary Magdalene pic 2
St Mary Magdalene pic 3

What would happen if the average taxpayer let their home deteriorate into this condition?  We doubt the City officials would be so lenient.

We believe that there has been an injustice served on the Lake County taxpayers.  We have written a letter to the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland asking for a donation of $82,500 to either the Lake County Council on Aging and/or to the Childrens’ Service of Lake County.  Here is the letter we have sent:

Catholic Charities 1-1-18 pg 1

Catholic Charities 1-1-18 pg 2

We will report on what decision is made by the Catholic Charities…..stay tuned…


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