Asking Crossroads to correct and injustice

Once again we are making Lake County citizens aware of an injustice we see in the community.

Crossroads has been serving Lake County for 40 years, and provide behavioral services to the children and families of Lake County.  They provide a needed service to the community, and have become a highly profitable “non-profit”.  Here are two pages that will give you an idea of their profitability:

Crossroads Form 990 6-30-15
Crossroads Balance Sheet 6-30-15

(Comment: We do not necessarily object to their profit motive, but we do not believe that Lake County taxpayers should continue to fund every last request if they have the financial strength to pay their obligations)

Here is what happened:  Crossroads purchased the old Colony Lumber Yard on Mentor Avenue in Painesville. On the property there were two buildings that needed to be razed.   Crossroad’s  contacted the Land Bank for assistance in demolishing the buildings.  Mr. Rogers, Executive Director of the Land Bank, agreed to give Crossroads $39,510 to cover the project.

Please note that Crossroad made a profit of $1,419,788 in 2014 and $263,044 in 2015.  As of 6/30/15 they had $7,936,800 in publicly traded securities, and a retained earnings of $9,737,817.  Needless to say, they are very financially solvent.  They will be merging with Beacon Health in the next year.

Here is a link to their website page that announces the Land Bank payment:

We decided to write a letter to Mr. Michael Matoney asking him to donate $39,510 to either the Lake County Council on Aging and/or Lake County Children’s Services. Here is a copy of the letter:

Letter to Crossroads 1-5-18

We will report to you their response.

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