Open Invite to Tour the Crime Lab

Here is the response that Lobbyists for Citizens received from the Director of the Opioid Lab at the Lake County Crime Laboratory.  It is well worth the trip to see how they interact with the law enforcement in Lake County.

I want to thank you once again for your willingness to visit the Lake County Crime Laboratory to see in-person what we do on a daily basis. I was pleased at your interest and good questions, in particular your concern for the effects the opioid epidemic is having on our Lake County citizens.

I have included a number of links to news stories that I have been involved with. As I mentioned during your tour, several of the fentanyl analogs we are identifying in our drug casework are arriving in the US via the mail.

Also, I wanted to highlight once again the synthetic opioid U-47700 and the fact that the Lake County Crime Laboratory was the first lab in Ohio to identify it in a coroner case, which lead to the Governor rapidly placing the potent drug into the Schedule 1 category. Prior to this action, U-47700 was legal to buy and to use.

I hope more Lake County citizens will do what you guys did – come visit us and see what we do.

Thanks again,


Douglas E. Rohde, MS, ABC, ASCP
Supervisor of Chemistry & Toxicology
Lake County Crime Laboratory
235 Fairgrounds Rd.
Painesville, OH 44077
lab 440.350.5950   fax 440.350.5932

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