Lake County Auditor to do property reappraisals in 2018….Will impact 2019 tax bill

We sent an email to the Auditor’s office asking when the required property appraisals will be done and when will the taxpayers see the impact on their property tax bill.  Here is their response:

Per the Auditor’s office: “Thank you for contacting the Lake County Auditor’s office with questions regarding the upcoming sexennial reappraisal.  Ohio Law requires a sexennial appraisal be done and the last one was completed in 2012.  The next one is slated to be completed in 2018.  Our staff along with a contracted company, Tyler Technologies, will be reviewing property values and then sending the analyzed data to the Ohio Department of Taxation for approval.  The value changes will be sent out in the form of letter notices to the residents in the summer/fall and 2018 values will be seen on the tax bill due in 2019 which uses the 2018 tax values.”

(Comment: No doubt we will see another increase in our property tax bill.  Those political sub-divisions under the inside millage will see an automatic increase.  Levies covered under the outside millage may also generate additional taxes depending on the type of levy passed.)

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