Meeting Ron Young…what I learned

Heard Ron Young speak last night at a meeting. My take-a-ways:
1. States trying to use Constitutional process of “Nullification” is viewed as part of the past, and no longer useful. It is part of the rebellion.
2. The State of Ohio has a 7- member controlling board that handles distribution of federal funds “left-over” money. If the Governor wants a certain distribution of those funds, he replaces enough members of the board with people that support his cause.
3. The federal government, with Kasich’s support, gave Ohio 2 billion for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. There are now 600,000 people on the program, and it is now a permanent part of Ohio’s budget thanks to John Kasich.
4. State lawmakers are totally subservient to the will of big business and other lobbyists. The will of the average American is secondary, since re-election and protection of their jobs is their primary motivation.
5 The E-check program for controlling emissions will not be stopped. EPA sensors around Northeast Ohio indicate that N.E. Ohio has the highest pollutants in the air in the State. The environmental movement is like a religion – worshiping Mother Earth.
6. Ron Young is challenging Dan Troy for the Lake County Commissioner’s position in the May election.
7. There is no hope for our society, we need a revival.
(Comment: The truth can be very depressing, at times.)

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