Health District’s responses to our questions

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We asked the Lake County Health District two questions relating to their sources of funding.  Here are their replies:

I have included answers below in red related to your questions.

  1. Why is the Health District’s tax assessment based on the valuation of property rather than the number of people in each community?
    Answer: The townships and villages pay based off of their valuations and cities pay based on a mixture of both valuations and population.  This is based on a contract that the cities, townships, and villages created.  I have attached a copy of that contract and included the verbiage from the ORC that requires a contract be in place.
  2. Is the tax assessment paid by the individual municipality to the Health District, or does the money go to the auditor’s office and then paid to the Health District? I was looking for the Health District budget in the Lake County Commissioners’ budget, but could not find it.
    Answer: The County Auditor takes each assessment and allocates it to the Health District prior to the cities, townships, and villages receiving it.  The Health Department is considered its own “subdivision” and is separate from the County.  The Health Department has its own budget and receives its own audit. 

    Here are the agreements signed by each municipality:
    Lawriter – ORC – 3709.07 Union of city with general health districts.

(Comment: Many thanks to Adam Litke of the Lake County Health District.  Truly one of the good guys in Lake County and a patriot.  He gives me hope for the younger generations to help save the Republic.) 

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