Lake County Schools FY 2017 Revenue Sources

The State of Ohio Cupp Report has published the financial information for FY 2017.

Here is a schedule that will give you the revenue for each school district in Lake County.  It is sorted by the Average Revenue Per Pupil.

Cupp Report 2017

Some interesting statistics:
1. Riverside School receives the second lowest revenue per pupil in the district. (This was before the new levy revenue in 2018)
2. Kirtland receives 76% of its revenue from local revenue sources – highest by far in the District.  The State of Ohio only contributes 15% of their total revenue – lowest in the district.
3. Wickliffe receives the highest average revenue per pupil – $16,826

We will work on providing you with other statistics that you may find interesting.

We keep wondering if combing school districts to save in operating costs for the taxpayers is a viable option.


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