FY 2017 Schools Stats from Cupp Report

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The State of Ohio has published the FY 2017 financial statistics on the Cupp Report.  We have taken the time to review total revenue and expenditures for each of the 607 districts in the State and then isolated just the Lake County School Districts.

The Lake County Schools are highlighted in yellow.
School rankings based on revenue per student (out of a total of 607):
Riverside  538 / Madison 595 / Fairport Harbor 470 / Kirtland 322 / Willoughby-Eastlake 253 / Painesville 166 / Mentor 157 /  Perry 73 / Wickliffe 51

(Please note that Riverside’s ranking is before the new tax levy that is collected in CY 2018)

Total Revenue versus Expenditures by School – Total Ohio

  • Interesting statistics: Total Number of Students in Ohio 1,706,926
    Total Revenue from all Sources: $24,174,148,613
    Average Revenue Per Student: $14,162

Total Revenue versus Expenditures by School – Lake County

As we were reviewing the Lake County numbers, we noticed that the Kirtland numbers show the need for new infusion of cash, because as the school officials said they truly have “hit the wall”.  What happens if the voters do not pass the levy?  Here is a News-Herald article written in 2014 about Ledgemont High School and their financial problems.  It appears that the State bails them out for a while, but if taxpayers keep voting down the levies, the school ultimately closes and merges with another district.

Kirtland gets very little revenue from the State because it is considered a wealthy district, and therefore relies almost exclusively on local real estate taxes (76%) to keep them afloat.


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