Crossroads…a wealthy “non-profit”

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We are trying to make Lake County taxpayers aware of the “lack of candor” in Lake County issues.  We have been reviewing the Internal Revenue Form 990’s required to be filed by Lake County “non-profits”.

We are reporting the balance sheet as of 6/30/16 for Crossroads, a Lake County Adolescent Counseling Service entity supported by the ADAMHS Board.  The ADAMHS Board has a .7 mill renewal levy on the ballot in May, 2018.  You can find Crossroads’ complete financial reporting at

The purpose of a balance sheet is to show the financial strength of an entity at a given point in time.  They must report their assets and liabilities as of that date.  Please note that Crossroad reported that they had $7,791,123 in “Investments – publicly traded securities” as of 6/30/16.

Crossroads Balance Sheet 6-30-16

Our next exhibit is an article reporting that Mr. John Rogers, Director of the Lake County Reutilization Corp. as well as the State Rep of Ohio for the area, giving $38,510 of taxpayer money to Mike Matoney, CEO of Crossroads. [Mr. Rogers is shown on the left, Mr. Matoney is on the right]

Crossroad & Land Bank deal

(Comment: We contend  that since Crossroads has $7,791,123 in publicly traded investments there is ABSOLUTELY no need for taxpayers to pay to demolish the buildings that they bought. It seems to us that it is standard operating procedure for “non-profits” to go back to the government trough to keep asking for more money when their pockets are stuffed with cash.

Mr. Rogers may be well intentioned, but we see a pattern in his thought process.  He never takes into consideration if an entity has the ability to pay for the demolition.  For example, we do know that Mr. Rogers agreed to spend $175,000 of taxpayer money to demolish a Catholic, blighted rectory and convent in Willowick.  We believe that is a definite violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.  By agreeing to spend the $175,000 of taxpayer money, Mr. Rogers was favoring one religion over another.)

We strive to be honest and transparent on the issues, and let citizens decide whether to continue to support them with our property taxes.


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