RSVP….We hope they do not have “lack of candor”again.

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We were very disappointed that the Lake County Commissioners have given RSVP, and employment agencies for volunteers that are willing to help non-profits, $744,000 in the last six years.  We had asked the Commissioners to give the funds to the Council on Aging, where we believe it will be better spent. (That could have purchased ~148,800 meals for the poor in Lake County)  However, for some reason the Commissioner not only did not defund or decrease their funding, they INCREASED it to $125,000.  That amount is more than they are giving to most of the Senior Centers.

Interesting to note that RSVP is, for some unknown reason, part of the Willoughby- Eastlake school system.  We will have to get an answer why the school system is involved.  Here is the new email that I have sent to RSVP:

Hello, Ms. Kane:

We are Lobbyists for Citizens that strive for honesty and transparency in dealing with Lake County non-profits and governmental political sub-divisions.

When we were analyzing the distributions of the Senior Levy last year, we observed that RSVP received over $600,000 from the taxpayers for the last five years.  I personally contacted you, and you told me that you were an employment agency for the volunteers of Lake County.
I asked you for five years’ worth of the IRS form 990 or financial statements that would accurately report the revenue and expenses of RSVP.  What I received was something that I viewed as a “lack of candor” by RSVP.  This caused us to communicate with the Lake County Commissioners, and suggest that they totally defund RSVP and allocate the funds to the Council on Aging, where we believe it would be better spent.
Upon researching the Senior Levy funds for 2018, we were shocked that not only did the Commissioners not defund RSVP, they actually increased your funding to $125,000.  So RSVP has now received almost 3/4 of a million dollars to be an employment agency.
So we are going to take our research up a notch. I am asking you again for five years worth of financial statements.  Please do not send me the meaningless information that you previously sent.
As I said, we are going to be totally honest and transparent with you.  We plan on distributing the financial information throughout Lake County and let the citizens decide if this is a good use of taxpayers’ funds.
We are pricing seniors and others living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve, and we MUST be good stewards of the taxpayers’ funds.
We hope to hear from you soon.
Brian Massie
8196 Rainbow Drive
Concord Township, OH  44077
(440) 479-7061

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