Lakeland Community College……proposed levy in the works?

We have not heard from Lakeland Community College yet regarding our requests for financial information.  However, we received from a reliable, knowledgeable source that Lakeland is planning on putting a levy on the ballot.  They are trying to determine the best possible time to place a levy on the ballot- presumably when no one is looking.  No word on the size of the levy, but it will cover the $10 million in current construction costs over their budget, and……. hold on to your wallets….they want to add dormitories!!!!!

So the $10 million increase in property taxes from Lake County taxpayers in 10 years is not enough, they need more money from the already cash strapped seniors to cover their incompetency and to increase the size of an already bloated institution.

Their original mission was to be two year, low cost, commuter community college. They are now morphing into a school that, seemingly, has Big Ten aspirations on the backs of overtaxed citizens, while they give tuition breaks to illegal aliens, and doubling the costs for the children of legal citizens taking early college course credits. They have no shame!

Lakeland officials- you are warned…we will get this message out into the community… shall not go unnoticed!  Do not expect a “layup” on this levy.

Categories: Illegal Aliens, Lake County, Real Estate Taxes, State of Ohio & Lake County Schools


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