Pulling back the curtain on our politicians….once again

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Thanks to our Painesville Township Lobbyist, Chuck Laughlin, for this insight on our politicians. We do not endorse any particular candidate, but we do not mind “pulling back the curtain” on things that politicians tell us.


I received the attached flyer in the mail.  (A picture of it is also below.)  In it he claims to be “FIGHTING TO SHRINK GOVERNMENT.”   Then he states that those who endorsed him are “Lake County champions for smaller government”, including Congressman Dave Joyce, State Rep. Ron Young, and State Senator John Eklund.

It is amazing that for all the fighting that these three have done, how ineffective they have been.  Congressman Joyce, in his fight for smaller government, voted for the Omnibus bill which again enhanced the size of our massive federal government.  I believe that Congressman Joyce has regularly voted to increase our nation’s debt limit as well as all the continuing resolutions to keep the federal trough open, including the Export-Import Bank.

If this is the type of “fighting for smaller government” that we get with these folks, we are in serious trouble.  Their “fight” seems to be only for public consumption at election time but has nothing to do with how they vote.

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