The Dirty World of Politics…you may need a shower after this post

Thanks again to our Painesville Township Lobbyist Chuck for a “heads up” on the dirty world of politics.  We enjoy “pulling back” the curtain for citizens of Lake County.  Oh, where has our morals and ethics gone.


Perhaps you have received the hit piece on Jamie Callender that was paid for by the Conservative Alliance PAC.

The address for the PAC is listed as 3136 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington, OH.  The same address is used by at least three businesses, none of who are the Conservative Alliance PAC.  However, Upper Arlington is lot closer to Columbus than it is to Lake County.

The phone number listed is 216-931-0038 which has a phone answering machine.  When called it just says that the person I am trying to reach is currently unavailable.  I’m guessing that person is not likely to ever be available.

(Redacted) pointed me to the following link which explains much of it.

The PAC seems to be aligned with John Kasich.  Obviously, he would like to have his people elected.  Also it is obvious that the PAC doesn’t support Callender and by extension supports Plecnik.  Cliff Rosenberger, the current Speaker of the House, has attended fundraising for Plecnik.  Rosenberger is a Kasich guy.

Here are pictures of the flyer.

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