Email to Commissioners on Perry Plant closure….it will impact all of Lake County

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We sent this email to Commissioner Cirino today.  We will make you aware of his responses.

Commissioner Cirino,
At the last Commissioners’ meeting, you mentioned about the impact of the closure of the Perry Nuclear Plant on the real estate taxes in Lake County.
We have a few questions:

1.  Has it been decided to close the Perry Plant?  This newspaper article says that the decisions have been made, and it will close in 2021.
2. What will be the overall real estate tax consequences to the citizens of Lake County? We know that there was a $5 million reduction in property tax revenues with the recent devaluation of their property value, but it seems that it would be substantially more if the entire facility was closed.
3. Are there any plans being made by the State of Ohio to lessen the impact on the citizens of Lake County?
4. What would you suggest citizens of Lake County do at this point in time?

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