Letter to the editor….Citizens are starting to get it..

Thanks to Lobbyist Elliot for this letter to the editor in the News-Herald:

Your opinions

How levies are hurting some residents:

I am writing to thank those Painesville Township homeowners who evidently have never seen a property tax increase they didn’t like.

Between the two Riverside School levies passed since November 2016 and the recently approved Lake County Crime Lab levy, my property taxes have increased by $334.

For me, it’s not a matter of these institutions needing additional funds. Of course they do. My problem is, I am a retired homeowner. I live on a pension and Social Security. I can’t go to either provider and request an increase to keep pace with everincreasing property taxes. My yearly income has been fixed for the past three years, and will continue to be so.

The worst tragedy is that while I’m able to get by, there are others who end up forced to sell their longtime homes because they can no longer afford the property taxes. On behalf of them, I thank you as well.

All you levy-loving homeowners, as sheep to the slaughter, I hope you sleep well at night knowing that you contributed to these tragedies.

(name redacted)

Painesville Township

(Comment: We agree completely with this Painesville Township resident.  However, he fails to consider the Housing Affordability Thresh-hold.  His $334.00 out of pocket expense needs to be divided by .3.  [$334 / .3 = $1,113]  His income will have to go up by $1,113 or else he will be closer to reaching the 30% thresh-hold.  Remember that if your mortgage, utilities and real estate taxes reach 30% of your annual income then your house is deemed un-affordable for you.  You may stay in your your house, but you will not have the disposable income for other items…..such as food, medicines, etc.

We are going to have to get a groundswell of support from seniors to stop the inevitable from happening – being priced out of their homes because of ever increasing real estate taxes.  Here is a government’s solution to the problem……..tiny homes…


Bette Presley tiny house

This “house” is less than 200 square feet, but they probably will thrown in a door mat.  Or, we could let the government decide that seniors can live out their remaining years in government sponsored micro apartments……Maybe buying a used RV and getting a P.O. Box is another solution.)

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