Home Rehab programs……another Federal grant program

With all the research that we have been doing, we have been quite surprised about the amount of poverty in Lake County.  There is quite a bit of federal, state and local taxes spent  to address the problem.

Another HUD federal program is called the Home Investment Partnership Program.  It is capably managed in Lake County by Marian Norman, Program Manager of the Lake County Planning and Community Development.  We have found Ms. Norman to be very honest and transparent in all of our dealings with her.

Here are the details on the program for 2018:

They were given $508,209 for 2018 to address housing problems for low-income families.  As with any federal program,  there are many rules and regulations that must be followed by those administering the program.

(LFC comment:  The federal government has their tentacles into all areas of Lake County.  When we accept money from the feds, there are strings attached, which allows them to dictate what our county should look like, and how it should operate.  IMO)

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