ADAMHS Board annual meeting

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In our effort to be honest and transparent on all issues, we want to be sure to document when a governmental agency does the right thing for taxpayers.

We became aware of the annual meeting of the ADAMHS Board at Quail Hollow.  Since we attended other meetings that were not held at Quail Hollow, we wanted to know who was paying the expense of the meeting at Quail Hollow, so we asked Kim Fraser, Executive Director of the ADAMHS Board.

Here is her response:

“The total cost of the Lake County ADAMHS Board annual dinner was $3,939.30.  Guests pay $25.00 per person. Our total collections were $3,525.00, leaving the cost to the ADAMHS Board at $414.30. We do include on our invitation that we want the event to be accessible to all stakeholders, including consumers who utilize our services. So in the event that the $25 is a burden, the ADAMHS Board pays for guests who otherwise could not afford to attend; that accounts for the cost to the Board.”

We thank Ms. Fraser for her prompt response, and decisions made on the cost of the meeting.

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