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Our Lobbyist Don Heuer asked us to post the following information on the group “American for Prosperity”.

From Don Heuer:

I wanted to provide to you a selected portion of David H. Koch’s material on his initiative on Americans for Prosperity:

In a world with so many dishonest liberal periodicals, this organization represents an opportunity to get involved with factual information and they work to provide information and direction about various individuals who can be a benefit to all of us.

As an AFP (Americans for Progress) activist – or perhaps a donor, the expectation would be to:

*(1) From time to time, you will be asked to talk to your neighbors or send an email, letter of some other comment to your state, federal, or local representatives to make your voice heard in removing government obstacles to opportunity and freedom.

*(2) Recruiting, educating, and mobilizing our grassroots network of volunteer activists (an expensive function).  If we are to grow these efforts to not only match, but exceed the left (financial support is need for this, too).

A few examples of how AFP is working to build a society where freedom and opportunity for everyone is the goal.   Recently, AFP has helped in an number of key areas, including:

Confirmations, Regulations,  Taxes and Spending, Healthcare, Labor reform, School Choice.

If you want more information on this conservative group here is their website:

The AFP Americans for Prosperity website is www.americansforprosperity.org and the address is Americans For Prosperity , P.O. Box 9377, Pueblo, CO 81008-9982, or Americans For Prosperity, 1310 N. Courthouse Road – Suite 700, Arlington, Virginia 22201.

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