Lake County Engineer Mr. Gills..a second “lack of candor”

This is a follow up to a previous post regarding a public meeting I attended regarding the $5.00 Permissive Motor Vehicle Tax.

At the meeting I asked Mr. Gills two specific questions:
(1) What was the original estimate for the Vrooman Road project?
(2) Where there any other known problems that would cost the taxpayer additional money?

We reported that he displayed a “lack of candor” when he said that the original estimate was $28 million.  Commissioner Troy gave me proof that the original estimate was far less.

We now find out that Mr. Gills displayed a second “lack of candor”.  When I asked if there were any other known problems, he said “No”.  The day of the meeting Mr. Gills had submitted a request to the Commissioners for $250,000 to build a retaining wall for the Vrooman Road project that was another unexpected cost for the project.

The request for the $250,000 has been approved by the Commissioners.

When a politician or un-elected bureaucrat displays a lack of candor with the taxpayers, we will report the facts to the taxpayers.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work!

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