Housing Mobility Program….name change from Section 8

Thought that you might find this article from the Center for Community Solutions interesting.  It also ties in with Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing act.  Lake County has an AFFH agency that is headed by Ms. Patricia Kidd, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Resource Center.  At a meeting held at Lakeland Community College some time ago, I heard Ms. Kidd say that since Lake County is 93% white she would like  to have Lake County look like Shaker Heights in population mix.


I found this paragraph from the article to be very interesting.  I wonder why people would not move if given the opportunity?

“While the HCV Program has been effective at increasing access to stable housing and reducing financial burdens, history has shown that families who received housing vouchers under the Section 8 program often did not move to higher opportunity areas but stayed in their original neighborhoods, many of which had high poverty and crime rates.”

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