Northeast Ohio….the best “location in the nation”?

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Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for this article from the News-Herald.

(LFC Comment: This recent article by the News-Herald fails to consider the ever increasing cost of Lake County property taxes and that we are pricing citizens out of their homes.)

Here is a quote by Commissioner Jerry Cirino posted in the article:

Jerry C. Cirino, now a Lake County commissioner, was a business owner in Northeast Ohio for many years before he won elected office in 2016. He said Northeast Ohio’s affordable cost works to the benefit of employers and employees.

“As a business owner, I re-located a lot of people into Northeast Ohio and Lake County,” Cirino said. ”Our proximity to Lake Erie, the quality of our education, cost of living and safety of our communities are assets we need to take advantage of fully.”

(LFC Comment: Commissioner Cirino’s definition of “affordable cost” must be different than mine. Pricing seniors out of their homes does not meet my “affordable cost” threshold.  Spending $412 million on Lake County schools and achieving an overall “D” on the State of Ohio Achievement Test does not spell “quality”.  The need to increase real estate taxes for the Crime Lab does not indicate “safety of our communities”. 

However, I do appreciate Commissioner Cirino’s efforts as Commissioner.  I have seen him in action at meetings; he is very thoughtful and deliberate in his decision making, and not one to “shoot from the hip.”  Perhaps he had his “marketing hat” on for the News-Herald interview.)

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