Lake County Engineer’s Announcement…the hype for the public consumption is amazing

From the Lake County Engineer’s Website:


Lake County, Ohio residents will soon begin to see much-needed improvements to roads under the jurisdiction of the Lake County Engineer.The Board of  Commissioners approved an accelerated 2½ year road improvement program at the recommendation of the County Engineer at their June 28th Board meeting.To facilitate this aggressive program, the BCC will consider bond financing strategies with existing revenues and a new $5 motor vehicle license fee.

The Commissioner’s historic decision to approve the program will double the amount of projects that will benefit County residents and businesses in the near-term and accelerate work commencing the Summer of 2018.

In collaboration with the plan presented by the County Engineer, the Commissioners will leverage both current and future revenue streams to finance a comprehensive road improvement program.  Additional program details include projects in the Spring of 2019, Summer of 2019, Spring of 2020, and Summer of 2020 with an estimated investment of $11.9 million dollars into the county roadway infrastructure.

The Commissioners and County Engineer will be reviewing the results and financial position of the road program during the Commissioner’s annual budget hearing process beginning in 2019.The Commissioner’s Office and County Engineer will be diligently reviewing program expenditures to ensure the funds are financed in a transparent and sustainable manner in order to meet expectations of the communities of Lake County.

In preparation for their action, the Board of Lake County Commissioners conducted public hearings on June 12, 2018 and June 21, 2018 where officials from the Engineer’s Office detailed the existing road conditions, rising material costs, project estimates and long-term plans for the 152 miles of roads under its jurisdiction.

Here are the proposed road improvements in the next 2.5 years: 

Proposed County Road Project List

(LFC Comments:  The $5 Permissive Motor Vehicle Tax will generate $1,250,000 per year.  It will bring in ~$3,125,000 in the next 2.5 years.  If these proposed road improvements will cost ~$11,980,000, that means that we have $8,855,000 available right now for road improvements.  Why did the Lake County Engineer need to be pushed by the Commissioners to get these projects completed in 2.5 years – and for that commitment they passed the $5.00 Motor Vehicle Tax?  Something is not adding up for me – need to ask more questions of the Commissioners.)

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