Painesville Gangs of Illegals……do elected officials have our backs?

We are getting word of illegal gang activity in Lake County, specifically in the City of Painesville.  We are told that there are gang symbols displayed around town.  Has anyone seen them?

We need our County Commissioners and Sheriff’s Department to work closely with Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The Painesville City Manager and their City Council are not doing anything to protect the citizens of Lake County.  They have sold us out, and support illegals in their city.  The nursery industry is pulling the strings to get the cheap labor, and leave the citizens with the education and welfare costs for the illegals.

We need, once and for all, to eliminate the impression that Painesville is a sanctuary city.  We are asking the Commissioners to issue a proclamation stating that they support the Lake County Sheriff’s Department working with ICE, and will install an existing program, financially supported by the Federal Government, that will coordinate the Sheriff’s arrest records with Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s database.

Let us see if Sheriff Dunlap is the Constitutional Sheriff that he purports to be. From his prior response to our questions on illegals, he gives us the distinct impression that he does not have to answer to Lake County taxpayers.  Sheriff Dunlap….do you have our back? Are you fighting for us?

It is time to “Push Back”.      No Borders = No Sovereignty = No Country!

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