Vrooman Road Bridge project update…..a Gills’ monument and taxpayers’ millstone

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when at first we set out to deceive.

Did you know that the Vrooman road project when completed will be the 2nd largest bridge in Ohio?

Did you know the earliest estimate for this project was in 1991 at a cost of $4.8 million with NOACA paying $4.0 million?

Did you know that the latest “first estimate” was $28 million per Mr. Gills?

Did you know that the latest estimate is now $33 – $34 million?

Did you know that it is now believed that Gills had enough money in his budget to do the road repairs WITHOUT increasing the Permissive Motor Vehicle Tax by $5.00 approved by 2 of the 3 Lake County Commissioners?  Well done, Commissioner Dan Troy.

Did you know that Mr. Gills may have displayed a “lack of candor” with the County Commissioners?

Did you know that this issue is going to be investigated by sources outside of Lake County?

Here are the projects that the Engineers’ office has scheduled:Proposed $5 Permissive 6-27-18

For those in Concord, note Girdled Road, since it is a County Road, has made the list for 2020.


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