Lake County Property Tax Rates…….interesting what you find when you look behind the curtain

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At the risk of being called “nerdy” on the subject of property taxes, we thought that it might be interesting to see what we can find if we do some additional research on the “inside millage” by taxing district.  You do remember that “inside millage” are taxes that you cannot vote for or against since they are mandated by the State of Ohio.  The maximum number of mills that the Commissioners can control without a vote of the people is 10 mills.   This equates to a 1% property tax (10 / 1000) charged to all property owners.

Here is the property tax schedule for 2018 issued by the Lake County Auditor’s office:

This schedule is meant to inform the taxpayers of the gross tax rate charged by each political sub-division to each taxing districts.  There are 32 taxing districts in Lake County. [Do not get confused on the numbers, somewhere along the line numbers were skipped, or deleted]

Although the schedule provided by the Auditor’s office is technically correct, it does not give the taxpayers the complete picture of what they are paying for in their taxing district.   Our very helpful Auditor’s Office provided us with the detailed schedules for each taxing district with inside and outside millage.  Here is an example of my Taxing District #8 – Concord / Riverside L.S.D.     Taxing District 8 Tax Rates

We created a spreadsheet that details the inside millage collected for each political sub-division by taxing district.      Inside Millage By Taxing District

The State of Ohio authorized up to 10 mills (1%) that can be assessed to every property owner without a vote of the people.  Currently, the inside millage is 8.9.  It was reduced by the Commissioners from 10.0 when they passed the sales tax a few years ago.  We were told that the Commissioners are reserving the additional 1.1 mills for the use by the County government, and therefore, not eligible to be used by any other political sub-division.

It is important to note that inside millage is not impacted by the tax reduction factors introduced in H.B. 920, and, if the taxpayer’s property is increased at the time of the mandated reappraisal (happening in 2018), the taxpayer will get an increase in their property taxes without a chance to vote on it.

We did a “double take” when we saw this tax – The taxpayers in district #21 Willoughby Hills City (line 27 on the schedule) are permanently paying .09 mills (that equates to $3.15 per $100,000 home valuation [$35.00 x .09]) to cover employee termination costs.  I will bet not many in that taxing district knew that fact.

One of our next posts will be to expose the creativity of some our public schools in extracting funds from the taxpayers- EMERGENCY LEVIES. Do not be fooled by the term “emergency”, it is a deception.

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