Continuous Levies…..a masterful deception played on the taxpayers

Political Sub-Divisions Play “Follow the Leader”

We, as Lobbyists for Citizens, see a disturbing trend of political deception throughout Lake County.  Schools, libraries, and municipalities, seeing success by others in prior elections, are placing levies on the ballot for a “continuing period of time” versus for a fixed number of years.  For the uninformed voter, they may not realize that a “continuous” levy means FOREVER!   If you vote for a “continuous” levy, the political sub-division will no longer be accountable to the taxpayers since they will continue to receive their tax revenue year after year.  We contend that all political sub-divisions must be accountable to the taxpayers in their taxing districts.  We suggest that ALL “continuous” levies be defeated.

To illustrate what we mean, here is summary of the NEW Lake County Real Estate Taxes that you will see on the November 6th ballot.  Early voting starts early October so we want to start “spreading the word” about this deception. (you will need to rotate the page)

Summary of New Levies 11-6-18

Note that Lakeland Community College (more on their skulduggery in another post) is asking for a 28 year bond issue, and Madison Fire, Painesville Township, and Wickliffe City all want “Continuous” levies.

Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library is included on this schedule in order to capture the increased taxes on their renewal with an increase levy.

All new levies will remove an additional $5,224,384 from the pockets of Lake County taxpayers FOREVER, or in the case of the LCC levy, 28 years, which might as well be forever.

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