Morley Library……just say NO to their continuous levy

We are asking Lake County residents to just say NO to the Morley Library’s proposed continuous (FOREVER) tax levy.  Morley’s Board of Trustees are sitting on over $10.1 million in their fund balances, while the other 7 Lake County libraries have a total of $14.7 million combined.  Morley Library has so much cash they earned $196,000, and $197,000 in investment income for the years 2016 and 2017.

The Board of Trustees no longer wants to be held accountable to the taxpayers of Lake County by placing a continuous levy before the voters.  A continuous levy means that the levy will remain FOREVER.

Morley Library has a market penetration of 28%, ranking it dead last in Lake County, and 244th out of 251 total libraries in the State of Ohio.

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