Who Certifies that Political Sub-Divisions Need a Levy?

How naive I was when I thought someone in our local county government was protecting the financial interests of the Lake County taxpayers with regard to property taxes.  I thought for sure that when a levy is placed on the ballot that someone, or some august body of politicians or bureaucrats are “checking the books”, and certifying that there is a financial need by the political sub-division requesting the levy.

The more research I do on property taxes, I just shake my head, and wonder how could I be so stupid.  We are sheep “getting sheared at election time.”  For the most part, most voters cast a ballot on emotion, without any knowledge or thought about the financial consequences.  Taxpayers are left on an island without any means to determine the validity of the bogus claims of the political sub-divisions.

LFC would like you all to know that NO ONE in the Lake County government checks the financial needs of the political sub-division, and will not public comment on whether to vote for or against a levy.

The only certification that is given to the Board of Elections is to certify the estimated property tax revenue and the total property valuation to generate the estimated tax revenue.  Here are two certifications for the Morley Library and Lakeland Community College tax levy created by the Lake County Auditor:



Note that Lake County has $5,849,397,020 in tax valuation to generate $1,428,571 annually for 28 years for LCC.

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